Track Dogs

Track Dogs are four international “madrileños” (Garrett Wall, Dave Mooney, Howard Brown &Robbie K. Jones) 2 Irishmen, an Englishman and an American. Based in Spain, the band namecomes from the dark subterranean world of New York’s subway system.However, there is nothing dark or subterranean about the sound of Track Dogs.

Their style is adynamic joyous fusion of Folk, Latino, Americana & Bluegrass played on multiple acousticinstruments–and a trumpet! ... overlaid with delicious four part vocal harmonies. Their new album, Blind Summits & Hidden Dips, entered the Official Folk Charts at number 22, andhas managed to make Track Dogs pack even more punch.

They have achieved grandeur in thesound that they’ve been cultivating over more than 100 songs in their recording career.Well-established in Spain and increasingly popular in the UK, they are surprising music loverseverywhere with “Sun-shiny songs thriving on dark themes behind irresistible rhythms.”

After afortuitous invitation to the Costa del Folk Festival in Ibiza they teamed up with Firebrand Music inthe UK who also represent folk legends Show of Hands with whom in 2022, they toured the UKand released a 23-track live album, “Dog Show Sessions”culminating in a fabulous guestappearanceat the Royal Albert Hall.Track Dogs are finally getting the recognition they richly deserve.

“Fire on The Rails sparks kinetic energy, just as the title promises, reeling out ten high-octane tracks with slick production and a sizzling pulse.” - Bryony Hegarty, R2 Magazine

“One of the great strengths of Track Dog’s music is the eclectic mix of genres they so successfully blend… It’s far easier to identify it as the “Track Dogs sound” than it is to tease apart individual elements” - Johnny Whalley,

“We’ve had many bands and artists come through our doors over the years, but Track Dogs are right up there with the very best of them, that much is certain! The connection they make with the audience is something special - smiles are the currency that they deal in with their mesmeric and ridiculously addictive sound. Destined to be huge festival favourites!”- Ken Brown, Square Roots Promotions