Phil Beer

‘Phil is one of the most popular ambassadors for acoustic roots music. A dazzling instrumentalist, he is perhaps best known as a top flight fiddler’

The Truth

Whilst that may be the perception, I would actually take issue with that statement. I didn’t write it. I’m very good at what I do. The trick is to design what you do in order to acommodate your limitations. Thats why I don’t teach. I leave that to the pros. I’m too busy gigging or making albums anyway. Please stop asking me! The perpetual problem of being a Z list muso/celebrity is how to describe yourself. The most onerous task of all is trying to big yourself up and exaggerate past exploits. I’ve now been ‘on the road’ for 45 years. I’m amazed I’m still standing. I’ve made hundreds of albums with bands/singers/ musicians and done gigs with them. Some are world famous, some you’ve never heard of. The dumbest and most pathetic thing in existance is to see a musicians C. V. that lists the people that they may just have been with on the same bill on the same day at some festival as people that they’ve ‘worked with’. Whilst I ache in the places I used to play (L Cohen!), I’m still up for what is about to happen, not what has been and gone. Hopefully, myself and my compatriots have more to contribute yet before we shuffle off.

This is why my catchphrase is

Phil Beer. Plays guitar and fiddle, sings a bit. Sums it up