Joe Broughton and Tom Chapman

The violin captured Joe's imagination in 1981 and he took an interest in folk, classical, blues and jazz music from the word go. His first performances were with Ben around the age of nine and he quickly went through the classical exams, gaining one of the highest ever marks in his grade 8. Joe also took up the mandolin, guitar and piano before reaching his 10th birthday.

Well ahead of the curve in the early 2000's, Tom took inspiration from the cajoneros of the world to become one of the first UK musicians to adopt the cajón as a serious first instrument. Whilst studying for a jazz degree, which he received with first class honours, Tom integrated his instant new favourite instrument into the hybrid drum kit and hand percussion set up that has become his trademark.

Tom met Joe Broughton at Birmingham Conservatoire in 2003 and forged a musical partnership that endures to this day in their full-time band The Urban Folk Quartet, who have appeared at concerts and festivals across the world.