Truckstop Honeymoon

Hollering with all their hearts over a five string banjo and a doghouse bass, Truckstop Honeymoon live the life they sing about. Touring across three continents with four kids and a truck load of songs, Katie and Mike West tell stories about the strangeness of everyday life. Their music combines elements of bluegrass, music hall jazz, and straight up rock’n’roll. They have released nine albums and a full length documentary film, produced over two hundred albums for other artist, and received awards for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts.

For newcomers to the Spooky phenomenon, they have redefined the whole notion of male singing, from anthems extolling the virtues of power tools and the joys of doing nothing (at all) to ancient Icelandic hymns and Georgian work songs, as well as award-winning covers of Abba & Bowie, sensational stylings of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen & Queen and their defiant assertion that they are definitely not a men’s group.

With Michael Carlyon, Jamie Dawes, Adrian Mealing, Philip Read, Chris Samuel, James Sills & Dom Stichbury.