The Urban Folk Quartet

The Urban Folk Quartet are a sizzling hot ensemble who fuse folk with elements of dub, house and rock. They do this with an ease that shouldn’t naturally follow from that list of genres!

Built on the rhythms of a cajòn-wielding percussionist and oud-playing bassist, two phenomenal fiddlers lead the quartet. This is one of the tightest line-ups on the circuit.

In an age where the word “folk” encompasses everything from acoustic pop to hardcore traditional music, the use of such labels to distinguish one musical experience from another has arguably been stretched further than ever.

The Urban Folk Quartet’s distinguishing features have much less to do with the traditional idea of genre. Yes, this is fiddle-led music that draws heavily from Celtic dance forms and traditional song. From there on in however it is unlike any folk band you have ever heard.

The UFQ’s approach to the folk ethos is to embrace any and every influence that genuinely makes sense of their time and place and makes sense in their music.

Expect anything from funk grooves to Middle-Eastern melodies, from Afrobeat to north Indian rhythms.